Le Classique is the brainchild of Marc Foidart and Rob Tetrault, who conceived the idea over a few drinks at the Garage Café in late 2012. The objective was to figure out an effective way to raise money and awareness for congenital CMV research through the Canadian CMV Foundation.

The men imagined gathering a group individuals and playing Canada’s favourite pastime in one of the most historic areas of Western Canada, historic St. Boniface.

Ball hockey has been played at some level on streets everywhere in Canada for generations. Both Marc and Rob have been profoundly impacted by ball hockey in their own lives. As Francophones raised in rural Manitoba, Marc and Rob were surrounded by the game from an early age. They had both screamed “car” on many occasions in their youth growing up in St. Norbert and Marchand, respectively.

While brainstorming where would be an ideal location, they quickly realized that they were literally standing on a goldmine. The Garage’s vast parking lot would be an ideal location to host a ball hockey tournament. It would provide immediate and convenient access to drinks, food and facilities, along with enough space for two rinks.

And just like that, the tournament was born.

Each year, Le Classique grows bigger and better, raising the bar, introducing new activities and raising more money for CMV. And that is what it’s all about – working together, we can end the #1 preventable cause of birth defects!

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