The Venue

After three very successful years of the tournament being held in the parking lot of Le Garage Café, last year’s tournament shifted gears to a much larger venue in order to accommodate many more teams. Le Classique was again held in historic St. Boniface at Whittier Park, at the site of the Festival du Voyageur. A very large heated tent will provide shelter, food and beverages for the players, while the parking lot will provide a fantastic space for multiple outdoor playing surfaces. Players will get to feel the warmth and tradition that emenates from a historic venue located on the banks of the red river, taking the players back 200 years to the time of the Voyageurs.

Along with the odd beverage, outdoor portable fireplaces will also be used to provide heat for everyone.

The rinks will be surrounded by a base of hay bales, giving the tournament surface that rustic rural feel the boys grew up with, and giving the players an ideal surface for their bank passes off the boards. Finally, corporate sponsorship has allowed us to ensure that the rinks are surrounded by sturdy 6-foot fencing to limit the loss of balls and to speed up play.